Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saying Good-bye

Sondra Long, one of my online stamping friends passed away this week. Sondra's cancer had returned, but she was doing well with her treatments. Then she got an infection and in her weakened condition it just took her unexpectedly. Sondra was one of my online freinds that I've had the privilege of meeting in person several times. She was such a sweet and special lady. Sondra was always thinking of others. She was a real encouragement to me when I was going through a serious illness.
Sondra was a very talented artist. She was always so willing to share her knowledge with those of us who aren't as artistic as she was. And she sent out beautiful pieces of artwork to her friends.
The tag pictured above is my favorite piece that Sondra ever sent to me. Not because it is the most elaborate piece she ever sent, but because I enjoy the different textures and the subtle shading in this piece. The four pieces that are layered on the upper left portion of the tag are all made from clay. Unfortuately, my scan doesn't do justice to the shading.
I'll sure miss you, Sondra.
Inky hugs!

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