Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Is In The Air

Warning! I'm going to whine a bit here. lol It feels more like winter than fall. Monday night the temp dropped 20F during the night. That put us at mid 60's during the day and mid 40's at night - winter temps for us. I know that's nothing compared to what alot of you are having right now, but it is truely cold to me compared to what we're used to. Even the dog is feeling the difference. Last night before I could get in bed she got herself under the quilt on my side of the bed with her head on my pillow. She was so cute that I didn't want to move her, but she was right in the center of my spot and I was freezing, so I made her a nest next to me with her own blanket. The above photo shows her when she was still tucked in my spot.

This pretty Halloween card is from Lisa. Unfortunately, the photo doesn't show that the pumpkin vines are very shimmery. I like the chalked pumpkins. I haven't used my chalks in quite awhile. I need to remedy that. Thank you for the happy mail, Lisa. : )
Last night I helped my daughter and niece get ready for a costume party they went to. Every time my niece would put her hat or little eye mask on my daughter's dog would bark his head off at her. It was so funny. My daughter missed winning the grand prize for her costume by one vote. Last year she did win it, so it was it was someone else's turn this year. : ) The girls brought gummy body parts candy home to gross me out. It worked. There's no chance I'll be eating those fingers, toes, etc. lol
Have a fabulous day and keep warm!!!!
Inky hugs!

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