Thursday, April 16, 2009

Show and Tell Time!

Hey, did you think I fell off the face of the earth? Not quite, but it kind of felt like it. We were without internet service all last week. It sure does feel good to be connected to everyone and everything once again. I didn't realize just how many things I used the internet for until I had to do without it.

Something really exciting happened the day our internet service went out. The blog candy that I won from Danni at Danni's Dreams arrived!!! That sure did help take my mind off my internet problems. : ) The picture below shows all of the wonderful things I received from Danni. It was like Christmas in April. There are alot more stamped images than you can see in the photo. Danni was very generous. I've been having so much of fun.

Below is a closer view, so you can see the stamps and embellishments better. In future posts I'll show some cards that I've made with my new goodies. So far I've been so caught up playing with the new stamps and images that I haven't completed a card.

Below is the gorgeous card that Danni sent me with my blog candy. It's exceptionally beautiful and it's done in one of my favorite colors. A winning combination for sure! Thank you so much for the awesome blog candy, Danni. I am just thrilled with everything. And thank you Susana for the pretty buttons that you donated for the blog candy.


  • The blog candy I won from Danni
  • Internet service
  • Medicine that is helping my dog, Princess

Have a fabulous day!!!

Inky hugs!


Thursday, April 2, 2009

The View From Our Front Yard

Looking north from our front yard, we often have an interesting the sky. (On the ground it's just a pasture of cows.) I took some pictures of the recent space shuttle launch. We're approx. 45 miles from Kennedy Space Center and we can see the shuttle within seconds of the launch. This first picture isn't even my first glimpse, but it's the first decent photo. lol That speck of light between the two palm trees is the space shuttle. The following pictures are taken rapidly. It gives you an idea of how fast it goes.

In the picture below the external rocket boosters have dropped off the shuttle. This happens two minutes into the flight. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can see the change in the shuttle better. After this stage we kept seeing these dark shapes moving in the sky and couldn't figure out what they were. When they got closer we realized that they were sky divers. They must have had a special evening jump to watch the shuttle launch. Wouldn't that be awesome if you liked to sky dive? (We have a sky diving service here in our small town that is known around the world. People come from countries in every corner of the world to sky dive here for some reason.)

This is a pretty picture of the sunset glowing through the trail of vapor or whatever it is that the shuttle leaves in it's path.

A week or so after the shuttle launch we saw this unusual sight to the north one day. It is a sky diver with an enormous flag hooked below his parachute. I can't imagine how he/she landed safely.

As it got closer we saw that it was the flag of Paraguay. We don't know why this person was jumping with the flag, but it looked really neat. In the photo below you can get an idea of how enormous the flag had to have been. Think of how big a parachute is and then look at how small the parachute is in comparison to the flag.

Okay, I'll quit chatting about my sky sightings. lol
  • An understanding husband when I need a shoulder to cry on
  • A sale on some groceries we use alot
  • An excellent library even though we live in a small town
Have a fabulous day!!!
Inky hugs!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Very Exciting News!!!

I'm so happy that I'm walking on air. : ) Today I found out that I'm the winner of the very yummy blog candy from Danni at Danni's Dreams!!! I'm thrilled! Everyone I've come in contact with today has heard about it, whether they're interested or not. lol Thank you very much, Danni. I'll show you all a picture of my candy when I receive it.

Today's card is another Flutter By card. It's for the regular Wednesday Flutter By challenge at Danni's Dreams. For today's challenge we weren't supposed to use any printed designer paper on our card. I made stamping the focus of my card today and didn't bother with layers. The colors in my photo aren't true, because I took it in the evening, but it gives you the general idea.

Stamps: Butterfly - Faerie Song Art Stamps; Sentiment - Heart & Soul Rubber Stamp Co.; Grass and Flowers - Bella Flora Set by See d's
Ink: Nick Bantock Deep Turquoise; Stampin' Up Bliss Blue; Color Blast Yellow; Memories Peach

Have you seen the Spring Oreos? My daughter bought them for her children's church class and I was delighted to see that they have Flutterbies on them. : ) There is a picture below. The cream filling in the cookies is yellow. Cute!

This is Princess drinking the last few drops of root beer out of my daughter's glass. She must really love the taste of the root beer, because she's timid about unusual things and wouldn't normally stick her face down in something like that. She looks a bit like a space alien.


  • Winning Danni's blog candy : )
  • The new grass we planted is growing very well even though it has been very dry here

Have a fantastic day!!!
Inky hugs!