Monday, October 20, 2008

Embellishments anyone?

My dh brought this gorgeous Canadian currency home from work to show it to me. He knew my first thought would be about what beautiful stamping embellishments they would make and he was right. : ) Very costly ones though. (BTW, he took them back to work the next morning.) I hadn't seen Canadian paper money in over 3o years and was fascinated by these beautiful bills. The dashes on the left side in the above photo are actually a lovely goldish-green foil with the denomination of the money and CAN printed in the foil.

These are photos of the backs of the bills. The wild colored stripes on the left in reality are beautiful holographic strips with the denomination in a tiny print and in a larger print, maple leaves, and a royal crest. I wish my scanner would have picked it up.
Do you watch for things to use as embellishments on your artwork? I call these things "Found Embellishments". Recently I was bending over to unhook the dog's leash and I noticed some skeleton leaves in one of our big potted plants. Two big rubber leaves and two little scrub oak leaves. I love to make discoveries like that!
At work one day, a guy my dh works with was going to throw away some vellum envelopes that some junk mail came in. My dh rescued them for me. The guy gave him a strange look. My dh told him, "You look at the world in a whole different way when you live with a stamper.". : )
What "found embellishments" have you come up with lately? Leave me a comment or email me and let me know.
Have a fabulous day!!!
Inky hugs!

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