Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's Party Time!

Guess what? The sun is shining again this week! I love it. Last week Saturday was the only sunny day we had. We took advantage of the sun and went on a picnic. Even the dog was happy to get out in the sun. : )
Today's card makes me think of a birthday party. Using sepia ink, I stamped the background repeatedly with the birthday definition stamp from TAC. I added a piece of brown cardstock with a torn edge to the left. Then I layered a brown tag cut with my Sizzix, a torn scrap of blue & brown paper, and Happy Birthday stamped in sepia ink on a piece of torn cardstock. I rubbed chalk into the cs to age it. The party hat embellishment is a button with the back cut off. The Happy Birthday stamp is by Commotion Rubber Stamps.
I'm not crazy about squirrels, because I've been in situations where people have fed them and they have become too bold about approaching humans and that freaks me out. But when they are behaving like normal squirrels in the wild I think they're interesting to watch. The other day I was sitting on our porch swing and watched a squirrel pick up an acorn and then proceed to scurry around the yard in a strange manner. He finally settled in a spot near the base of our Bay tree and buried the acorn. I guess he was looking for just the right spot to bury it. I've never seen a squirrle bury food here in Florida. I wouldn't think they would have to have it to get through our mild winters. I wonder if it's a God given instinct in case of a bad freeze or if squirrels all bury acorns, because they only get them once a year?
Have a fantastic day!!!
Inky hugs!

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