Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Mail

It's our second day in a row of no sunshine. That is extremely unusual for Florida, unless it is actually raining. Normally it rains here and then the sun comes right back out. Days like this make me appreciate our usual bright blue skies even more.

This card is from Becky, who owns My Paper Moon Rubber Stamps. She sends me such beautiful cards. As you know I love to get happy mail. : ) Both stamps used on the card are from Becky's company, My Paper Moon. The verse on the card says, "In the vast ocean of God's love, We are but a grain of sand. And yet like every seashell, Beautifully made by His hand.". As for the technique Becky used, I'm not sure how she did that, but it sure is pretty. Her email addy is on her website if you want to ask her.

Yesterday I was grumbling to myself as I did some cleaning that is a struggle for me to do due to my disabilities. Even as I grumbled I knew I needed an attitude adjustment. : ) Well I got it this morning. I was reading about a lady who was having an attitude because she felt like, "I gotta clean my house and I gotta take my mom somewhere, etc. Then she caught herself and realized that she was griping about the house that she had prayed to have for years, the mom who she had a broken relationship with and it was now restored. Now she says, "I get to clean my house and I get to take my mom somewhere.". God really spoke to my heart through reading that. From now on, with God's help, I'm going to try to say, "I get to do this cleaning". After all I have a cozy home with my family. Even here in the small town I live in there are still people whose homes aren't repaired from the two hurricanes that hit us in 2004, so what am I grumbling about? No it isn't going to be any easier for me to do the cleaning, but doing it with a joy-filled heart will be more pleasing to the Lord and to those around me.

Have a fantastic day!!!

Inky hugs!

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