Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm Not MIA Anymore

It's hard to believe that it has been sooo long since I have posted. Between being sick and busy the time has just flown by. I hope you all had as nice of a Christmas as we did. We stayed home for the day, but a number of people stopped by or called to greet us, so we didn't feel shut in. Besides it's hard to feel shut in when it's 79 degrees and you're sitting out on the porch swing under a gorgeous sunny, blue sky. That's my idea of perfect Christmas weather. : )

I have gotten behind with sharing my happy mail, so I'll try to show several at a time. You can click on the cards to enlarge them & see the detail better. This first card with the wagon and cardinals on it is from Ginny. It is so shimmery and beautiful. Ginny cut out a 2nd image of the wagon, the cardinal perched on it, and the bow and mounted it with ds foam tape. Thanks so much, Ginny.

The card with the angel on it is from Martha. Martha cut out
that pretty rectangular window on the card front and inserted a beautiful angel image that is embossed on vellum. I like how she used the flourish stamps on the card. Thank you very much, Martha.
The lavender card with the pine cone on it is from Kathy and her family. This is another pretty shimmery card. Both of the pine cones on this card are adhered with hot glue so that they are 3-D. Kathy added touches of lavender glitter to the pinecones so that they glitter in addition to the shimmering inks. I like the vertical NOEL stamp. Kathy and her family moved to Tennessee several years ago and this card makes me think of the area they live in. We sure have missed them since they moved away, but I know they haven't missed the Florida weather. : ) Thank you for the happy mail, Kathy.
Mark has some days off this week, so today he worked on building a fence in our backyard for our dog and granddog. I'll have to take a picture when it is completely finished. Today he got all of the fencepost holes dug, the posts cemented in, and the fence up. This evening we covered the two gate holes and let the dogs out. They had a ball! They didn't know what to explore first. They were so happy to have room to run and play freely. Their eyes were sparkling and their tails were wagging. Please pray for Mark as he finishes the rest of the work up tomorrow. He has a bad back and it is really bothering him. BTW, both dogs had to have baths when they came in from playing. Mark had to use some fill dirt in some low areas and the dogs made a mess of themselves in that nice black dirt. I can see alot of bathes in their future until the grass seed grows. lol
Have a terrific day!!!
Inky hugs!

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