Friday, December 5, 2008

Great Gift Card Holder

My friend, Audrey, recently made a couple of these gift card holders for me to use and I just love them. I thought they were too cute not to share. The pocket is a rectangle of double sided paper fastened together with 6 brads. Cut the card to fit in the pocket and add a tab to it. Decorate as desired. Audrey chose great papers for a birthday card. It's so happy and festive looking.

The bottom picture shows the card out of the pocket. You stamp your sentiment on the back of the card. In the upper picture you can see that I attached a check rather than a gift card to this one. BTW, you attach the gift card with glue dots. After I had already mailed this card, I thought that I probably should have made slits to attach the check, rather than using glue dots seeing paper might not peel off as easily. Hindsight is always so good. : ) It is a fun and versatile card. Thank you, Audrey. I have really enjoyed using these.
How do you decorate your Christmas tree? Is it the same each year? A new look every year? Tradional style? Decorator style? Our tree is very traditional. It doesn't vary a whole lot from year to year, unless we change the light or garland colors. We call our tree a memory tree, because every ornament on the tree holds a memory for us. As we decorate the tree each year we reminisce about the stories behind the ornaments. We have the artificial mistletoe that we hung over Lydia's bassinet on her first Christmas when she was just 6 weeks old, ornaments from trips we've taken, ornaments from special people, ornaments that Lydia made when she was little and so on. A number of years ago my mom gave me some ornamnets that I made as a child, so now we have two generations of handmade children's ornaments on the tree. This year I was teasing Lydia that some day she can make it three generations for us. : )
I have to admit that I think the colored tress they have out this year are kind of neat. Especially the pink. But I just can't see it as feeling like Christmas with a pink tree decorated in coordinating colors. lol I guess I'm a traditionalist at heart, even though I love pink.
Have a totally terrific day!!!
Inky hugs!

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