Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Celebration & A Memory

Happy Birthday to my daughter, Lydia. She's 22 today and a very special young lady. I am so proud of her.
This ATC is one that I made a long while back, but I saw the picture of it last night and it reminded me of a story about Lydia. When Lydia was a baby she was sick and the Dr. kept insisting it was cholic. Even as first time parents we knew that wasn't right and later found out that she was lactose intolerant and what I ate was making her sick, because she was nursed. But anyhow, one day I took her to get some of her early baby shots and she kept throwing up all over the two of us. I don't mean just a bit of baby spit up, I mean plastering us. I glanced up and noticed a couple watching me trying to cope with this and said, "Mom never told me there would be days like this.". It gave the whole waiting room a good laugh and helped relax me.
Have a wonderful birthday, Lydia!!!! I love you.
I need to run and finish up a few things in preparation for our little celebration for Lydia tonight. Among other things I have to declutter the living room so we can take birthday pictures. : )
Have a great day!!!
Inky hugs!

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