Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Book of Me

Hello. I hope you have had a good day. It was a gorgeous day here in Florida. In fact it got up to 80F in the house this afternoon and I had to turn the air on.

This is a book I made for a swap recently. It is about "100 Things that Make Me Happy". I've always thought it would be fun to do something like this, but just never got around to it before. It was even more fun than I had anticipated! I ended up with over 100 things and had to make myself stop, because I had other projects that needed finished. The alphabet on the front of the book is a favorite - Rebecca Sower Nostalgiques Typewriter ABC set from EK Success. The stamp on the back of the book is from Heart & Soul Rubber Stamps. I like that saying. I believe you can find joy in a situation if you just look for it.

The first inside shot shows the book fully opened. It is a six page accordian book. The second inside shot shows a view of what a few of the pages look like close up.
After I was finished with the book and it was already promised to someone my daughter got to looking at it and wished she could have it. So I guess I'll get a chance to make another one. : ) It will be even more fun to make one knowing it is going to my daughter. There will be alot of things I can add to it that would be too hard to explain in a book for someone else.
I received the sweetest note from Martha about my blog today. Thanks Martha. You were so uplifting to me.
Have a terrific day!!!
Inky hugs!

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Sue (from h & s ) said...

This is a great idea Shelly! I love it. I think I'll make one for my daughter for Christmas- and make it as if she wrote it....hopefully I can come up with 100 things :) maybe I should start smaller and work my way up! lol. I'd love the recipe for your milk bath mix if you have time to send it :) Blessings & Joy <>< Sue