Friday, October 2, 2009

What's Red & Black & White All Over?

The very first Tilda card I've shown on my blog! I absolutely love the Tilda images, but don't own any.......yet. Someday. :) I received this darling image from a friend and made this card for my sister. When I colored this image I was still using my Prismacolor pencils for skin tones, but wasn't happy with the uneven look they gave the skin. I've since switched to Prismacolor markers for the skin tones and am far happier with them. I'll show you an image colored with them in a future post. I'm not sure why the picture came out so small. I had it set to be large, but... Anyhow I was too tired to start over by the time I noticed. :)

Early in the summer Mark planted a patch of wild flowers outside our backyard fence. One variety kept growing taller and taller all summer, but never bloomed. The plants now range from 6 - 9 feet tall and this week they started getting regular size flowers on the top of the huge plants. They look so funny. But it looks like they are going to fill out and bloom all over the plants, which will make them far more attractive. I didn't get the bloom on the top of the tall plant Mark is standing by in my photo, but you can see a small orange flower to the left and above his head on a different plant.

  • Our friend Lloyd used his walker to go out to the grain bins by himself twice so far this week!!!
  • Lydia finished her term papers tonight!!
  • My sister came through her knee replacement surgery safely.
Have a wonderful day!!!

Inky hugs!


Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Gorgeous card! Love the polka dots!! Love hearing your blessings! What a wonderful way to remember how we are given more than we deserve each day! Lovely to have found you!
Judy xx

Sheila said...

I'm the blessed recipient of this beautiful card and the picture sure doesn't do it justice. It's gorgeous - thank you Shelly!