Friday, October 9, 2009

Red Friday

Here in America many wear red on Fridays to symbolize their support for our troops. Operation Write Home, the organization that sends handmade cards to our Heroes to send home to their families and friends, is asking us to take Red Friday one step further and show our support on our blogs. I'm proud to be a participant of Red Friday on my blog.
This photo was in the news recently and really touched my heart. The four year old little girl in the picture is holding her daddy's hand, because she doesn't want him to go back to Iraq. We need to remember not only our heroes that are serving all over the world, but also their families as they are courageously going on with life at home while their husband, daddy, son, brother, or boyfriend is away serving. Let's remember to pray for our heroes and their families each day.
This is a Valentine card I made that will be sent through Operation Write Home. I'm not one to make cards way ahead for a season, so I'm learning to do that as I make cards for our heroes to use. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks after all. :)

  • Mark is improving.
  • We're having a peaceful hurricane season.
  • My little dog, Princess. She's such a faithful companion to me always, but especially when I'm laid up.
Have a wonderful day!!!

Inky hugs!


Operation Write Home said...

I just love that photo...not the sadness it represents, but the courageousness of men and women to be so willing to leave their kiddos to go abroad to protect them! It totally inspires me...thanks for sharing it!

Danni said...

What a gorgeous card!!Just beautiful!

Holley said...

I saw that photo too and read about the girl and her family. Really choked me up too!!