Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Watch for Falling Leaves

Hello friends.  The rectangular element on the left of the card I'm sharing with you today is made from a napkin.  If you enlarge the photo you can probably see that it has some glitter on it.  In my quest to make flat cards that are easier to mail I have started using faux brads on my cards.  My friend, Kim, taught me how to make faux brads. I'm not sure if I make my faux brads exactly the way Kim taught me, but she definitely gets credit for the original idea. I'll share a faux brad tutorial one day soon.  For the faux brads on this card I used real copper and it iodized.  I decided that added to the interest of the look of the brads.

  • My nieces have been sick with the flu and they're getting better.
  • Happy mail!!!  My sister sent me 3 Magnolia Tilda stamps - my very first Tilda stamps!!!!
  • Extra time with Mark on his week off during quarters.
Have a fabulous day!!!

Inky hugs!


Sheila said...

Love the card - can't wait for the tutorial on the brads - I'm impressed! Really like the napkin idea too. Awsome card.

Mina said...

wow what fabulous colours these are together...lovely
Mina xxx

Sandy R said...

Love this card, Shelly. These are my colors and my time of the year!! And yea for the Magnolias!!! I have some, so if you ever want images, let me know.