Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hugs and Flowers

I like the colors I used on this card. They just caught my eye the day I made this card. They aren't typical colors for me.
There was great excitement in our backyard today. Princess discovered a Gopher turtle there. It was her first encounter with a turtle and she was very intrigued. She was disappointed when it wouldn't move. :)

  • Lydia's help while both me and Mark have been feeling bad.
  • My camera. It's fun to be able to grab it and capture a memory of something like Princess and the turtle.
  • Our rather flexible lifestyle.
Have a fantastic day!!!

Inky hugs!


Danni said...

What a beautiful card!! Love this, Shelly!!
Fun photo funny when dogs meet other critters!

Kim said...

I love the flower card... and so cute with the turtle.

:) Kimmie

Teresa H said...


Teresa H

Holley said...

What a sweet card. I love that flower and the cute way you attached the sentiment!

Where do you live that you just "find" turtles? how cool. One time in San Antonio I found a tiny turtle no more than a few inches. I assume it was a baby. It was in a ditch where the water overflows during rainy times. Nothing nearby here in Austin

Shelly said...

We are blessed to live next to the woods on a boy's ranch in Florida, Holley. It's a little piece of rural life in the midst of a rapidly growing town. We get all sorts of critters and creepy crawlies around and sometimes in our home. I could definitely do without the in the home part, but love watching them outside. I even saw a rare Florida panther out back one day. My big back windows in my craft room are a real source of joy.

Mina said...

wow Shelly this is the dog photo made me smile
Mina xxx

Kristie said...

Very pretty!! Great pic of your dog meeting the turtle, what fun!

Manetta Kanefsky said...

oh what a beautiful card. I am so partial to flowers..that one looks familiar...wondering if I have that one...I will have to go look....did you water color it? it looks like it!!

your dog is so cute with the turtle