Friday, July 3, 2009

Back From Vacation

I apologize for taking such a long break without letting you know I was going to be away. I've been battling a serious eye problem that kept me off the computer for several weeks due to light sensitivity. Then we went on vacation. While we were away I realized I should have left a note on here, but it was too late. We were without computer access.

We spent our vacation in the family cabin in NC. It's on a mountain north of Mars Hill. It's so beautiful up there. I love the ever changing "moods" of the mountains. They just fascinate me. The photo above was taken through the car window in the evening as we were going up a mountain.

The photo below was taken during the day.

This photo was taken through the car window in the early morning. Isn't the mist rising off the mountains awesome?
I took the photo of this humming bird while sitting in a rocker on the cabin porch. It's not as clear as I'd like it to be, because my camera doesn't take very good long distance shots when I need to use the zoom. Unfortunately the humming birds wouldn't come to the feeder if I got any closer.
These gorgeous lilies were just growing in the wild in the woods.
Mark took this photo of these baby robins the second day we were there.
This is the babies six days later. Isn't it amazing how much they grew and changed in that short amount of time? Their nest is becoming a tight fit.

Please pray for our friend, Lloyd. He was in an accident on his 4 wheeler while we were away. The injury they are most concerned about at this time is his head injury. Please pray for his wife, Dawn, too as she spends each day at the hospital with Lloyd, plus tries to keep up with any necessities that arise.

  • A very relaxing vacation
  • A chance to see our good friends while on vacation
  • Safety while traveling
Have a fabulous day!!!

Inky hugs!


Danni said...

Welcome back! I've missed you!! Love all the photos and hope you are feeling good!!

kdsmalley said...

Welcome back. The photos are just gorgeous. I have never been to NC and would to go one day. Thanks for sharing a bit of the scenery with us through your pictures.

susan55040 said...

What beautiful Photos Shelly. It looked like a fun place to just "be". I am so sorry to hear about your friends accident. Prayers going there way.

I hope your eye is doing better.

Netta said...

Soo glad you are back! These photos are stunning..... Even the " blurry" bird