Thursday, January 1, 2009

Almost the End of Christmas on my Blog

All good things must come to an end and today's batch of happy mail will be the last vestige of Christmas shown on my blog for awhile. But we are still enjoying our Christmas tree in our home. I'm not ready to give up those pretty glowing lights in the evening yet. I'll also enjoy all of these cards for a long while to come. They are displayed on my french ribbon bulletin board in my craft room.
The green striped card is from Lis. The actual card itself is made from Lis' own handmade paper. It has glitter inclusions in it and she impressed the snowflakes in it. You may notice too that Lis used the layout that I liked so much on Lynn's card I showed yesterday. Lis reports that she got this layout form Lynn. : ) It sure looks beautiful in your choice of colors and sparkly papers, Lis. Thanks so much.

The red card with the gift and black ornate border on it is from Kimmie. Kimmie tells me this is a Penny Black sticker, not rubber stamps. I am in awe of this sticker. Not only is it gorgeous, but you can't tell that it's a sticker by looking at it or feeling it. Another really neat thing Kimmie did on this card was making faux brads. The 3 black brads at the top of the card are actually circles punched out of black cardstock, glued to the card and then covered with Crystal Lacquer.
Kimmie says, "It Makes for safer and easier mailing.". And she's right. They came through the mail looking great. I can't tell you how much time I spent padding brads in envelopes this year. The postal machines can be very rough on real brads in the mail. Thank you for a beautiful card and some great new ideas, Kimmie.

The black card with the lacey frame and the
lovely snowflake embellishment is from Becky. Remember that all of these cards can be clicked on to enlarge them and see the detail better. Becky punched this frame out by hand with a corner punch. Here's a link to the instructions at the Amazing Paper Grace blog if you would like to try this beautiful technique. The frame and snowflake are beautifully embellished with rhinestones and pearls. Both Mark and I thought that the young lady on the card looked like Becky's daughter when she was younger. : ) Thank you very much for this gorgeous card, Becky.
The card with the winter pond scene on it is from my cousin, Linda. The color in this photo looks rather sickly. In real life it is a beautiful shimmery pearlescent light green and snow is falling. It is one of Linda's trademarks to make unique and beautiful Christmas cards. I like how the greeting cardstock is cut at an angle. Thanks for the great happy mail, Linda.
The card with the stocking is made by Donna. It is so beautifully colored and she has added just the right touches of glitter to it. I really like how Donna cut the image out with edger scissors. It looks like part of the image design. Thanks so much for the beautiful card, Donna.
Well, somehow a card just disappeared off of my screen. I can't download it now or it will shift the order of all the other cards, so I'll post again and then that will be the end of Christmas for now. But before you know it, it will be time to start on Christmas projects once again. : )
Have a wonderful day!!!
Inky hugs!

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