Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hello Kitty

Happy weekend everyone!  I hope you're getting a chance to do something enjoyable.  My birthday was yesterday and I must say that I had a wonderful day.  It was filled with family, friends, phone calls, mail, email, FB messages, good food, chocolate and gifts.  You can't top that!

I needed to make some things with Hello Kitty on them and all I could find to work with was party napkins with Hello Kitty.  So that's what I used.  A friend taught me a technique with napkins where they come out nice and glittery, so I used that technique on my projects. First up is a framed picture.  IRL the background of the Hello Kitty picture is very glittery.  These photos were taken at night, so I apologize for the poor quality.

Next is a journal and pen.  Once again the background of the Hello Kitty picture is very glittery IRL.  The pen is filled with glitter.  I suggest gluing the pen shut if you do this, so that it can't be opened and spilled. 

And here is the back of the journal.  Once again the glittery background doesn't show in the photo. :)

  • My nephew and niece were in a bad go-cart accident.  We're very thankful that a broken arm was the only injury, besides bruises.  Please pray for my nephew as his arm heals.
  • The outpouring of love from family and friends for my birthday.
Have a fabulous day!!!

Inky hugs!


Ira said...

Hi Shelly,

first of all congratulations on your birthday! I'm happy to hear that you had a wonderful day yesterday, filled with love and happiness. These days are to be cherished indeed. Yes, isn't Hello Kitty just adorable? I have a little 3 (almost 4 year old) niece who thinks the world of her, I'll show her your card, too!
Enjoy your day, take care, ~Ira

Mina said...

Happy Birthday for Friday Shelly I hope you had a wonderful day...what a brilliant idea to use napkins for this adorable gift set...I love it
Mina xxx

Cheryl said...

Very cute! Great projects. I love the glitter on Hello Kitty.

MrsK said...

Hi Shelly

What gorgeous Hello Kitty bits you've made they are all totally lush! I've found your blog via PCP and im now following you!

Hope your ok and hope your nephews arm heals soon

Sal xx

MrsK said...

Hi Shelly

I love your goodies that you've made Hello Kitty just rocks!! They are just totally lush! I hope your nephew's arm heals soon. I've found you via PCP and i'm now following your blog

Take care

Sal xx

Tammy said...

Cute~Cute creation Shelly! Happy belated Birthday!

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