Saturday, May 16, 2009

All Dressed Up

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here on the Treasure Coast of Florida. I hope you're enjoying some beautiful weather in your corner of the world too.

I had to make sure my mom had received this card before I could show it and then I forgot about it. This is the card I made for Mother's Day for both of our moms. I saw a similar card in a SU Portfolio long before Mother's Day and knew that was what I was going to do. Many thanks to my dh for his help with making the pattern. I was feeling really bad on the day I made the cards and even a simple pattern like this seemed overwhelming to me to make. Mark came to my rescue! The only stamping on the card is the little corsage on the lapel and the sentiment inside the card. Now that I look at this picture I wish that I had thought to ink the edges of the cardstock, especially on the lapels. Hindsight is always 20/20. : )
  • Our first fresh watermelon of the season....Yummmm
  • Peace about an important decision
  • A loving husband that cares about even the little things in my life
  • Happy Mail : )
Have a fabulous day!!!
Inky hugs!


Danni said...

Oh my goodness, Shelly! This is amazing!! Wow!! What a totally awesome card!

Maria said...

I love your card Shelly. It's very unique and perfect to give to a mom. How sweet of your DH to help you create the card!! I wonder if I can get my husband to help me out! LOL! I highly doubt it!


kdsmalley said...

Beautiful card. I bet they both loved them. So sweet of DH to help with this. I know mine will help if I get desperate.
Great job.

susan55040 said...

Lovely Card Shelly. Very unique!!!!!! Beautiful.