Friday, May 20, 2011

*Gasp* A Card!

Hi friends.  At last I've made a card once again. It's for the OWH Stars and Stamps Sketch Chellenge #69.  Sketches aren't my strong point.  Maybe because I started stamping waaayyyyyyyy before there was such a thing as a sketch or maybe I'm just too literal minded. LOL  Anyhow, working from a sketch is a real challenge for me.  I do find the OWH sketches more user friendly than most.  Here's the sketch:

 I used some pretty dp as my background, added some embellishments and that was it!  The colors in my photo are quite off.  The paper colors are off, the green flower is a different shade, the gemstone is peridot colored, the trim is a lighter green and the hemp is brown.  But it gives you the general idea and I couldn't get the colors to adjust better no matter what I tried. 
***Please pray for a friend of mine who is in labor with her first baby today.  It has been 20 hours so far and she has some pregnancy related health concerns.  Another friend of mine could use your prayers too.  She's preparing all of the food for her daughter's wedding tomorrow.  She's working on it today and tomorrow morning.  It's going to be a feast, but a lot of work for her.

Anne-Marie at Little-Applefalls has passed on the Stylish Blogger Award to me.  Thank you sweet friend.  Please visit Anne-Marie's blog and leave her some love.  You'll fall in love with her wit and beautiful cards.
 Here are the rules of the award:

- Thank the person who gave this to me and link back to her blog
- Share 8 things about myself
- Pass this to 8 other bloggers
- Leave a comment so they can pass along the recognition

Okay, eight things about me:

1. God is the center of my life.
2. Family means everything to me.  We're very family oriented.
3. I have a collection of pretty marbles. Just a pint size jar of them.  They sit in front of the window on my desk to pick up the sunlight.  I got them to remind me of my marble collection I had as a child & because they're so pretty.
4. I also have a beautiful collection of seashells, because I love everything to do with the ocean. The majority of them I found myself on various beaches.  I use some of them in my decor. 
5. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the constant barrage of new paper crafting products that keep coming out and wish for the more simple way things were back when I first learned to stamp many years ago.
6. I make a lot of my own earrings.  It's fun to be able to make exactly what I want to go with an outfit.
7. I read myself to sleep every night.  I like the Yada Yada Prayer Group series, the Sister Chick series, Lori Wick, Hannah Alexander, Terri Blackstock, Mary Higgins Clark, Lillian Jackson Braun and so many more.  Mystery & suspense are my favorites, but I'll read romance, if it's clean. 
8. I'm allergic to dogs with fur, rather than hair and cats.  I love cats and slept with one in our bed for the first few years of our marriage.  After I had two sinus surgeries and discovered the cat allergy, our cat had to go. :( Now our household revolves around non-allergenic little dogs and I adore them. :)

I'm going to bend the rules a bit and pass this lovely award on to ALL of you.  If you claim it, please leave me comment, so that I can read about you in your post.  It's fun to learn new things about my fellow crafters.  I hope to see this award on YOUR blog. :)

  •  A lovely 87 degree day today. 
  • Hubby found some great used books for me today.
  • Happy mail!!!
Have a fabulous day!!!

Inky hugs!


E.T said...

this is beautiful!!! WOW!!! i love the simplicity and elegance of this card!

Thea said...

Litteral can be great. It sure worked for this card! It's beautiful!

Ira said...

Be that as it may Shelly, sketches not being our strongest point, I must say that I'm impressed with your fine work here! Have a happy weekend, Ira x

Julie said...

Great card, Shelly! I love the paper you chose. Thanks for joining us in the OWH Stars & Stamps Sketch Challenge!

Shana said...

Pretty Card...and congrats on your recent blogger award...and I love your header!

Tammy said...

Beautiful card Shelly! I love that layout and your lovely papers! Take care!!
Hugs, Tammy

Anonymous said...

Shelly, so WONDERFUL to see one of your beautiful cards! You may not feel sketches are your "thing" but you sure did great with this one! I totally understand the photo/color issues -- struggle with that all the time. But your card looks fantastic, even so. Sorry to have missed your prayer requests, and hope both sweet moms are doing OK!

Sheila said...

Beautiful card, Sis. Love the paper and colors. Love you, too :)

Lindsay Weirich said...

Very pretty, the paper has such a lovely design I'm glad you let it shine! Best wishes to your friends in labor and planning a wedding...hopefully by know they are both relaxed and enjoying their efforts:)

Anniebee said...

This is a great card, Shelly! I think you followed the sketch very well and I love the colors you chose. I just became your newest follower. Have a lovely weekend!


Maria Matter said...

Hey Shelly, just checking in with you! Your card is beautiful!!!
Hope all is well!
take care, hugs & blessings to you!