Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Have to be away

Tomorrow morning I'm having the first of two neck surgeries.  The second one will be on October 13th.  They were scheduled for a week apart and I chickened out on having them that close together. lol   I hope to be back feeling more creative after I'm healed up.  The amount of pain I'm in has really affected both my creativity and my ability to create. See you in awhile.

Inky hugs!


Kayla said...

i will b praying 4 u !... love u!... xoxoxoxxooxooxoxxo! :)

Ira said...

Hi Shelly,
I just wrote to you and thus missed out on this post at first... I'd like to wish you well and you'll be in my thoughts. Everything's going to be all right girl.
Big hugs from me, Ira xox

Tammy said...

Shelly I wish you the best and a very speedy recovery!! you will be in my thoughts and prayers! Looking forward to seeing your creations soon!
Big Hugs, Tammy

Doris said...

Just noticed your post about your surgeries. I hope all went well--I'll be praying for your complete recovery.